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Zentelligence (Research) Ltd, is the well-established consultancy businessfor the DrMoores.Com brand. This holds the intellectual property rights for the company's analytical, AI, information risk and private research work and advises clients on fast-emerging and potentially disruptive, technology, business and cultural trends.


Zentelligence's many clients and partners have included, Microsoft, Unisys, Symantec, British and foreign governments. The company's work has covered  a broad range of technology-related topics, from information security, artifficial intelligence identity and 'Big Data' to the Internet of Things and eGovernment projects.

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'Thank you very much for your terrific contribution to our conference.


Your presentation was exactly what we were hoping for – it certainly stretched minds and set us up well for a very productive session.”


Marcus Morrell – Foresight, Research and Innovation – Arup.


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