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In a long career that has spanned a close involvement with the largest technology giants, Simon acted as a ‘Technology Ambassador’ for the UK government’s Office of the e-Envoy during the time of Prime Minister, Tony Blair.


The author of ‘March of the Spiders’, a Conservative Technology Forum report examining copyright laws in the digital economy, he was also a co-author of ‘An Information Society at the Service of its Citizens -  A Policy Framework for a 21st Century Conservative Government’ and the Conservative Party’s 2005 ‘Digital Plan for Britain’.


He has worked on several projects with the London School of Economics and is a director of the centre-right open market policy ‘think tank’, Aediles and has advised government, business and the media on the evolution, development and application of eGovernment, Internet-related technologies.


To discover further information on Simon Moores, his publications, work and interests, please follow the links to his online biography, his Zentelligence weblog or Linked-in profile.



Simon Moores interviews Justine Roberts, the founder and CEo of Mum's Net.


Simon Moores interviewed on Technology by JLA



'Simon is the 'go to' source for insight and connections in the world of politics, technology and security'


Jon Hawes


Pharos Global Security


“Simon did a great job chairing our UK Internet Policy Forum. We received very positive feedback from our delegates who indicated that the quality of his chairmanship was excellent.”


Lesley Cowley OBE, CEO, Nominet

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